Commitment to Safety

The SYFORME guarantees thorough quality management.

In order to create safe and secure housing and maintain assets as buildings, we have established a thorough system of checks which covers the finest details of a structure.

We deliver stunning quality as par for the course, through long-lasting residences.

By maintaining a high level of attention to detail in construction, we provide a great deal of peace of mind.

Structural Inspection

Main structural portions on each floor are thoroughly checked by professionals who possess the required specialist knowledge.

Witness inspection of test piles
While comparing and checking the ground before the start of construction and in its current state, the appropriate pile positioning and depth to support layers are inspected.
Reinforcement inspection
Based on blueprints, confirmation is made of rebar thickness and quantity, the establishment of pillars, and measurements and thickness of pillars, beams, walls, and flooring, and checks are made that the structural calculation for strength is being maintained.
  • ①試験杭立会い(自社検査)

    (1) Test pile witnessing (in-house inspection)

  • ②試験杭確認

    (2) Test pile confirmation

  • ③支持層確認

    (3) Support layer confirmation

  • ④監理者配筋検査【基礎】

    (4) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [basic]

  • ⑤建設性能評価検査【1回目】

    (5) Construction evaluation assessment [no.1]

  • ⑥監理者配筋検査【1階床】

    (6) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [1st floor]

  • ⑦監理者配筋検査【2階床】

    (7) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [2nd floor]

  • ⑨監理者配筋検査【7階床】

    (8) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [7th floor]

  • ⑩監理者配筋検査【8階床】

    (9) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [8th floor]

  • ⑪建設性能評価検査【3回目】

    (10) Construction evaluation assessment [no.3]

  • ⑫建設性能評価検査【4・5回目】

    (11) Construction evaluation assessment [no.4/5]

  • ⑬監理者配筋検査【R階床】

    (12) Supervisory reinforcement inspection [roof]

※Photographs show an actual construction site (SYFORME Jimbocho, completed in 2015) ※There are instances in which the implementation of structural inspections differ depending on the property.

Basic Test Pile to a Firm Base Layer

After confirming the depth of support layers based on the test pile, piles are driven to a suitable depth to lay a stable foundation.


Clear the standard 32 items in 10 fields for new housing

  • ①構造の安定に関すること

    (1) The stability of
    a structure

  • ②火災時の安全に関すること

    (2) Safety concerning fires

  • ③劣化の軽減に関すること

    (3) The reduction of deterioration

  • ④維持管理への配慮に関すること

    (4) Consideration of maintenance

  • ⑤温熱環境に関すること

    (5) Thermal environment

  • ⑥空気環境に関すること

    (6) Air environment

  • ⑦光・視環境に関すること

    (7) Light and visual environment

  • ⑧音環境に関すること

    (8) Sound environment

  • ⑨高齢者等への配慮に関すること

    (9) Consideration for the elderly

  • ⑩防犯対策に関すること

    (10) Crime prevention

設計性能評価取得済み 建設性能評価竣工時に取得予定

Housing performance evaluation reports

In order to protect asset values as an apartment building and for long-term peace of mind, we introduce the “Housing Performance Indication System”, a third-party evaluation agency designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to objectively evaluate building quality and performance. We strive to maintain and improve quality maintenance and improvements by undergoing blueprint evaluation and on-site inspections by third-party evaluation organizations.

※The acquisition status of performance evaluation documents varies based on the property.

Housing defect warranty liability insurance

In the event of the occurrence of defects in major parts for structural integrity and parts for protecting against the permeation of rain water, which are particularly major aspects of housing structures, insurance corporations designated by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will supplement a fixed percentage of repair costs. Defective areas will be repaired based on compensation expenses. Even in the event that repair costs cannot be met due to such reasons as bankruptcy, insurance money can be claimed directly to the insurance corporations.