Spirit of SYLA

Keeping the “3 Maestros”
to heart.

Ludwig Mies van Rohe, Le Corbusier,
and Frank Lloyd Wright.
The 3 maestros,whose names last in the history of construction, who put their life into creation,
following through with their beliefs without falling to repeated setbacks.
The works they left behind, their architectural philosophy, and their passion for creativity has not diminished over time,
and even now they continue to exist as a great source of inspiration for many architects.
We at SYLA will not simply pursue profits and the expansion of the organization,
rather we will continue to provide and create condominiums which “we truly desire” and are “true to our hearts.”
Keeping this fastidiousness and commitment down to the smallest details in mind,
we aim to become a milestone for future venture companies 50 and even 100 years into the future.

maestro01 Ludwig Mies van Rohe

SYLA Creation

Ludwig Mies van Rohe

In the creation of a condominium,
SYLA creates a “simple way of existence”
to last for decades, with the core
philosophy of“less is more”.

Ludwig Mies van Rohe created a cornerstone of
contemporary modernist architecture, working on
a range of design activities with a core philosophy of
“less is more.”
That design philosophy has been hugely influential in
the creation of our condominiums.
In numerous projects, by distinguishing usage of
such materials as glass, wood, and exposed concrete,
spaces are widened, creating simple and open works.
Through eliminating excess decoration and equipment
in modern architecture, his modernist philosophy continues
to this day, and SYLA intends to continue this philosophy
in the creation of future condominiums.

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maestro02 Le Corbusier

Real estate investment created by SYLA

Le Corbusier

We create condominiums always keeping
the spirit of innovation in mind, while
maintaining respect and reverence for
Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier’s master works
Are the LC7, LC2, and LC4 sofas known as
“Fauteuil a Dossier Basculant = Great comfort.
He exerted a great deal of global influence on the fields of
architectural theory, urban planning, and formative art
always eager to try new technology and involving himself
with numerous city plans and initiatives.
His greatest achievement is the proposal of modernist architecture with a motto of
rationality separated from tradition and smooth wall treatment without decoration.
Current simple modern architecture is greatly influenced by
Le Corbusier’s philosophy
SYLA too does not allow any compromise,
exploring innovative creation to continue to
provide even simpler products.

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maestro03 Frank Lloyd Wright

SYLA’s personnel training

Frank Lloyd Wright

Always believe in yourself
and don’t go to waste,
keep walking down the same path.
This is the soul of Frank Lloyd Wright,
whose indomitable spirit
is always respected in our hearts.

Frank Lloyd Wright, who has created several works in Japan also,
such as the Imperial Hotel and Jiyu Gakuen,
removes attics and basements to reducing building height,
and avoids completely separating rooms,
emphasizing flat wide spaces which gently connect,
creating a format known as “Prairie Style.”
In his most renowned work, “Lobby House”,
he presented a new style of American house,
vigorously creating close to 200 designs in 17 years between 1893 and 1910.
However, after being hit with repeated misfortune and a loss of fame and status,
he entered a long period of stagnation.
In the latter half of the 1930’s he announced 2 masterpieces in succession,
those being the Kaufmann House and the Johnson Wax Headquarters,
returning himself to center stage in the history of architecture in his 70's.
His works are beloved eternally together with his creation of new enterprises,
something which is held close to the hearts of all SYLA employees.