Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  • Core PhilosophyOur company is our home, and the employees are our family.
  • Management PhilosophyCreate condominiums
    which we desire.
  • Corporate PhilosophyTrust, love, and excitement
    create infinite growth.

Mission Statement

Learn daily, grow daily One thing per day, no matter how small. Let us grow. This accumulation creates our future.

Do it now Time cannot be returned. Move faster than other people and other companies.

Do not lie Speak with passion, even exaggerate, when talking about the future. However, lies are not to be tolerated.

Professional knowledge and the spirit of first-class service We are professionals. Deeply move customers with overwhelming knowledge and the spirit of first class service.

Act in a positive manner Become mood makers for Japan, always positive and bringing smiles to the face of all who interact with us.

Reduce unnecessary cost Much like excess is bad for human health, excess cost is bad for the health of a company.
Let us make sure to maintain a healthy exterior (sales, profits) and insides (finances).

Pursue creativity We create condominiums. This is great work which remains on maps for many years.
Let us convey our ideas onto people and cities, leaving a record of our imagined creativity which remains on maps.

Rules are to be protected In sports, you can easily win if you break the rules. You can make a great deal of profit by breaking the rules.
However, let us protect the rules even if we do not win, or we are unable to make a profit.

Maintaining humility, gratitude, and pride We are supported by our customers. Additionally, we are supported by many colleagues and clients.
Let us have pride in gratitude, humility, and our ideals.

Each person is SYLA We are not cogs. We are not troops nor robots.
We think ourselves, act ourselves, and personify SYLA.

Answers are on location If we are lost, go out there and work on-site. Even if we fail and shed tears.
The answer can be found by continuing to earnestly endeavor and never giving up.

Convey feelings honestly There are things which can’t be conveyed by staying silent. We understand the importance of conveying our thoughts.
We convey with feelings of love.

Keep promises We will keep all promises, no matter how small. We know that trust and company growth builds up in unison.

The future can be changed The past cannot be changed, but the future can. Let’s proceed forwards on all vectors for ourselves and the future.
We have the power to change the future.

  • Management Policy Five Conditions  1.Do not aim for the Overall Top.
    Aim for the Niche Top.
    2.A mere rabble will lose.
    Win with a small group of elite.
    3.Do not invest in the land with decreasing population.
    Invest in the land with increasing population.
    4.Market price will betray but rent won't betray.
    5.Management decision may compromise
    but no compromise with craftsmanship.