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Handling of
personal information

Our company complies with laws concerning the protection of personal
information, with the handling and protection of personal information detailed below based on the Personal Information Protection Act.

The purpose of use of customer information

Personal information possessed by our company is subject to the contract made with the customer, with names, addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, real estate property information, and contract information being provided to third parties described below via such methods as documentation, postal items, telephone calls, through the internet, e-mail and advertising media documentation as required for the purpose of contract management in lease transactions, management after contract signings for sales transactions, and for the implementation of after sales service. Provision will be suspended upon request by the customer.

Property information is used in the search for other parties for transactions.
Property information is used for advertising purposes such as on the internet or flyers.
It is necessary to register property information to a designated distribution system for property searches (Rains) in order to search for other parties for transactions.
After a contract is made, contract information (information such as a contracted property information outline, contract date, and contract amount, without including names) will be provided to the designated distribution system.
The designated distribution system is used for operations designated in the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law, such as the provision of electronic data or papers for property or contract information to public organizations or members of residential property traders within the designated distribution system.

Searches for real estate contracts for sale or other parties for lease contracts, as well as trading, renting, intermediation and management in contracts is concluded upon with services provided based upon the contract.
In the event of the involvement of management, personal information is used for management consignment contract fulfilment concluded by the management association of the relevant condominium.
In addition to the above operations, personal information is used for such things as the provision of information and sending of products by businesses linked with our company which are deemed useful for customers, related after sales support, and notifications related to maintenance or related operations by the management.
Personal information is stored in accounting books and as relevant documentation based on article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.
Personal information is used for price appraisals related to such matters as real estate trade leases. Contract information used for price appraisals are provided to intermediary clients as a “basis of opinion” regulated by article 34-2 paragraph 2 of the Building Land and Building Transaction Business Law.
Provision to third parties is described in 3 below.
Personal information held by our company and the purpose of usage