[Rimawari-kun] Funding for group home with daytime support services, “BEE-HACK” is now serialized! Offering of the second edition of the fund, "BEE-HACK Yotsukaido," will start at 19:00, Monday, May 29.

The mission of SYLA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshiyuki Yuto; hereinafter "SYLA") is "Democratizing real estate investment around the world. Enriching the 100-year life era with technology and asset management.” SYLA is engaged in operation of real estate crowdfunding platform “Rimawari-kun,” which boasts the largest membership in Japan, as well as development of investment apartment. The company has announced that it will start on Monday, May 29, the offering of the fund for “BEE-HACK Yotsukaido,” a part of group home business for persons with disabilities, operated by Anispi Holdings Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Hideaki Fujita; hereinafter "Anispi Holdings"). The total project amount is 170.96 million yen.
This is the second edition of the fund for the "BEE-HACK” series, which was very well received in the previous “BEE-HACK Chiba." This time again, Mr. Hirotada Ototake will join as a special supporter for the project.

● What is BEE-HACK?
BEE-HACK is a brand of group home for persons with disabilities. A new type of group home is now available to address the issues related to “the increasing severity and aging of persons with disabilities.”

Daytime support for people with severe disabilities
There are three types of group homes for persons with disabilities:

(1) Group home with comprehensive nursing care services
This type is intended for people with disabilities who need assistance in living independent daily lives. The facility staffs provide consultation, housework, and other daily living assistance as well as nursing care.

(2) Group home with daytime support services
Unlike other group homes, this type allows residents to spend time at the group home during the daytime hours. Since this service is available during the daytime, it is more heavily staffed than conventional communal living assistance, and is based on a system that ensures support for people with severe disabilities at any time.

(3) Group home utilizing external services
This service is intended for persons with disabilities who need consultation and other assistance in living independent daily lives. Consultation and other assistance in daily life are provided mainly during the nighttime.

Among the three types above, group home with daytime support services has a high percentage of people with physical disabilities, and is mainly used by people with moderate to severe disabilities. The “BEE-HACK" series are designed for those who cannot be sufficiently supported by the facilities of Anispi Holdings’ “Waon/Nyaon,” pet-friendly group home oriented for people with mild disabilities.

● Prior cases
On May 1, 2022, Anispi Holdings began operating its directly managed group home "BEE-HACK Yashio." In addition to "BEE-HACK Chiba," for which the previous fund was raised through Rimawari-Kun, “BEE-HACK” series is planned to expand nationwide with the cooperation of local governments and participating companies.

● Why do we support “BEE-HACK” through Rimawari-kun?
(1) Difficulty in securing real estate for people with moderate to severe disabilities
Group homes with daytime support services require larger land and buildings with a capacity of 20 people, and more stringent architectural requirements, such as fire extinguishing equipment to ensure safety. As it is difficult to establish these group homes using existing real estate, new construction and equipment installation are required. More funds are needed to build the real estate than ever before.

(2) Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: UN Recommendations challenges measures for persons with disabilities
The UN review of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which stipulates the protection of the human rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities, took place in 2022. On September 9, 2022, the UN issued the summary findings and recommendations for improvement to Japan. The recommendations call for the cessation of forced hospitalization and segregated special education for persons with disabilities.
There is a need for improvements in light of the current situation where Japan lags behind other countries in terms of support for people with disabilities.

(3) High stability as an investment project
As the residents of the group homes with daytime support services are 15 years old or older and of various ages, the tenancy period is long (about 19 years on average). The facilities can expect stable operation due to the high needs and demands.
SYLA decided to support BEE-HACK's business expansion through Rimawari-kun, in line with the government's efforts to improve the situation.

● Participation of special supporter Mr. Hirotada Ototake
・Low awareness of issues for the welfare of people with disabilities, including users and service providers
Through our initiatives, we have felt many issues and lack of awareness of the environment surrounding people with disabilities, including those with medium to severe disabilities, such as labor shortages among service providers. We would like to disseminate information and generate interest not only among Rimawari-kun members but also among a larger number of people. That is why we have asked Mr. Hirotada Ototake to participate in the project.

・Mr. Hirotada Ototake's Thoughts
As I am a person with disability myself, I felt there were two good points about this project. This project will reduce the burden on the families of people with disabilities, as well as make it easier to build daytime support facilities in urban areas, facilitate interaction between people with disabilities and able-bodied people on a daily basis. I feel that this is not just an investment, but a system that can sustainably solve social issues in the welfare of people with disabilities in the context of capitalism.
I believe that this will lead to launch of various projects that will lead to social contributions that naturally resolve various social problems.
I would appreciate your support.

● Investor debut support campaign: Third edition due to popular demand!
Thanks to popular demand, we are now running our third campaign to support debut of investors.

▼ Benefit 1
1,000 Rakuten Points will be awarded if you complete "identity confirmation" at Rimawari-kun for the first time during the campaign period!

▼ Benefit 2
1,000 Rakuten points will be awarded if you make your first "investment" through Rimawari-kun during the campaign period!

▼ Campaign Period
17:00, Monday, May 1, 2023 – 23:59, Wednesday, May 31, 2023

▼ Scheme

Project Summary

▼ About the Fund
Fund name: Group home with daytime support services "BEE-HACK Yotsukaido”
Offering amount: 170,960,000 yen
Expected yield: 5%
Time for distribution: 10 months (same time as redemption)
Fund management period: 10 months
Application: First-come, first-served
Term for application: 19:00, Monday, May 29, 2023 – 12:00, Thursday, June 8, 2023
Website for application:URL :

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