SYLA Co. Has Completed Construction of Its Brand Condominium, SYFORME MOTOMACHI-CHUKAGAI — Disaster-resilient Condominium with Solar Power Generation

SYLA Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yoshiyuki Yuto; hereinafter “SYLA Co.”), a wholly owned subsidiary of SYLA Technologies Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroyuki Sugimoto; NASDAQ: "SYT"), is pleased to announce the successful completion for its own-brand condominium, SYFORME MOTOMACHI-CHUKAGAI (“the Property”), on Friday, December 22. The Property comprises 6 floors above ground and features 96 units, including 1 management office.

SYFORME MOTOMACHI-CHUKAGAI: An Eco-friendly and Disaster-resilient Condominium
The property has been certified as ZEH-M Oriented, realizing a proactive approach to a decarbonized society. The property has achieved a 34% reduction in primary energy consumption by enhancing insulation performance and installing energy-saving equipment. Furthermore, solar power generation and storage battery facilities have been installed to contribute to environmental conservation, address the challenge of escalating electricity prices, and secure a reliable emergency power supply in case of a disaster.

Solar panels installed on the rooftop supply electricity for common area lighting during regular periods. In emergencies, such as a building-wide power outage, stored electricity will be automatically provided not only to common areas but also to each residential unit, utilizing the solar power and storage batteries. In the event of a power supply disruption during a disaster, common area lightning will be minimized, and electricity stored from solar power will be directed to the emergency downlights and USB outlets in each unit’s dining room to enhance resident safety.

The deployment of solar power generation systems enables the procurement of electricity for common areas at a stable price. However, despite the growing popularity of ZEH certification and solar power generation systems in achieving carbon neutrality, introducing such systems has been challenging for mid- to high-rise studio condominiums. The main challenges include limited rooftop space for installation, installation complexities, and high installation and management costs. SYLA is dedicated to overcoming these obstacles by integrating energy conservation, creation, and storage solutions. This commitment enables us to create value-added initiatives that address environmental concerns and enhance disaster resilience.

About the Solar Power Generation System
In collaboration with Hinatao Energy Co., a Tokyo Gas Group company, the Property has installed solar power generation equipment and storage batteries. These facilities have adopted Hinatao Solar Service, which provides maintenance for the solar power generation system and supplies electricity for common areas at a stable price. This has effectively addressed challenges such as maintenance of the solar power generation system and the rise in electricity prices. The installed solar panels are lighter and thinner than conventional ones, and the specially designed racks for the panels are also lighter, reducing the load on the building.

The Property is conveniently located a 10-minute walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station on the Minatomirai Line. This prime location embodies the typical Yokohama lifestyle. The surrounding area captures the vibrant atmosphere of the Port of Yokohama, sophisticated shopping streets, the Harbor View Park, Yamashita Park, and other areas with sea and green landscapes.

Innovative Living Spaces Seamlessly Blending Minimalist Design and Sustainable Lifestyles
The exterior is entirely crafted from fair-faced concrete, while the approach and entrance hall feature expansive open spaces with glass walls and an atrium. On the first floor, alongside conventional parking for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars, there is premium bike storage available for a limited number of five bikes. Equipped with a contactless key, the security is robust, and individual lockers and maintenance tools are provided for your convenience. The sixth floor features a communal outdoor living area surrounded by greenery. Situated along the canal, the Property offers residents the pleasant morning breeze and the gentle reflections of sunlight on the canal water. In the evening, residents can enjoy the night view of the illuminated Bay Bridge while feeling the breeze.

Design Harmonizing Eco-friendly Elements with Recycled Materials
The design takes into account environmental considerations, utilizing recycled materials from construction, including rebar, PVC pipe, and wood, to create floor number displays and room name signs in the common areas. Each floor features a distinct design reminiscent of an objet d'art. The Property’s design is centered around the effective utilization of discarded materials, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and aesthetic innovation.

Color Coordination Suited for Flexible Living for Singles and DINKs
All units feature 1DK floor layouts, ranging from 24.13 m² to 25.74 m². This plan is popular among remote workers and DINKs. The two interior colors are available: “Natural” and “Ash.”

Property Overview
Location: 2-11-40 Shinyamashita, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
10-minute walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station, Minatomirai Line
Total number of units: 96 (including 1 management office)
Room type: 1DK
Completion date: Late December 2023
Move-in date: Late December 2023
Builder: SYLA Co., Ltd.
Construction: Fuetsu Construction Co., Ltd.
Planning and supervision: AsakuraTakaoToshikenchikusekkei Co., Ltd.
Design Supervision: Base Co., Ltd.

Contact for inquiries about leases
Management Company: SYLA Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-3-4560-0653 (direct line 3)

Seller / Management Company
SYLA Co. is engaged in the real estate sales business for individuals and real estate companies. The Company develops, constructs, sells, and manages new investment condominiums centering on its own brand, SYFORME Series, targeting the 23 wards of Tokyo and the Yokohama and Kawasaki areas. SYLA Co. also provides total solutions for investment condominiums, from the sale of used investment condominiums to the renovation of living spaces. The Company’s one-stop service, including new construction, used condominiums, and condominium management, enables the selection of locations and the design of buildings that meet ever-changing needs. This approach allows us to provide compact condominiums with true value that generate stable, long-term earnings. Guided by the philosophy of creating properties that reflect its aspirations, SYLA Co. is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining its position as the premier partner in asset formation through housing.

SYLA Technologies Company Contact
Hajime Sugino
Head of SYLA USA